Brookfield puts Santa in a creepy sterile box on the second floor

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Brookfield Santa chair spoofed upUpdate December 11, 2015- Brookfield got the message. They spruced up the Santa experience with color and trees, but Santa is a still banished to the second floor and not the central theme of Winter Garden.

The big questions remain. Why isn’t Santa the main attraction in the Winter Garden as he has been in the past? Is this a secular attack on Christmas by the Canadians? Who within Brookfield approved this mess, and are they still employed?

Brookfield Santa display improved

December 9, 2015-by Steven E. Greer

I was wondering where Santa was this year. Well, now we know.

The Canadian bullies who run Brookfield Place replaced the already-secular Santa Clause with the even-more-abstract-and-secular Luminaries exhibit, which is just blocks of light.

Santa is hidden away on the second floor in a box. It’s like Brookfield sent Santa away to an Ebola isolation chamber. It is uber-creepy.

We stopped by and Brookfield was in full damage control mode. They put up signs that no photos were allowed, and staff were blocking the view of cameras.

Free Santa

The Post reports: “There’s nothing jolly about this empty “Santa’s Winter Wonderland” at Brookfield Place downtown — where St. Nick has been banished to a cramped room on the second floor that looks more like a glass prison cell than a North Pole tableau.

His quarters are a barren landscape, with a lone white plastic chair for Santa and only a few scrawny fake “trees” that look worse than Charlie Brown’s.

St. Nick got booted from last year’s spot because a new, high-tech art installation called “Luminaries” — designed by David Rockwell, who created sets for Broadway’s “Kinky Boots” and “Hairspray” — now dominates the Winter Garden, where Santa previously held court.

Some adults who brought kids to have pictures taken with Santa were stunned by the cold treatment. “No way! She is not taking a picture with a Santa like that. There is no color.”

Brookfield Santa display wideBrookfield Santa display close

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  1. Fran says:

    Nobody puts Santa in the corner.

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