Tess Huxley’s feckless parks staff feed the pigeons with grass seed

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West Thames grass field grass seed 6-11-2015

Grass seed thrown down on bare dirt with no water

Update December 12, 2015- As we now know, this incompetence was all be design to create smokescreen to install the artificial turf.

June 11, 2015- By Steven E. Greer

The West Thames grass field is just a monument to BPCA incompetency. The park staff cannot even grow grass, literally. As public pressure grows for them to take better care of the sod, she has sent her stooges out several times this year to rough up the soil and sprinkle down grass seed.

Well, the grass seed never grows because they have no water hooked up to the sprinklers. More importantly, they put no sand or straw over the seed, so the pigeons fly in and have a feeding frenzy.

The poor state of the field has not been a big concern this year given the comments by the BPCA that they were going to replace the grass with artificial turf. However, those plans are now stalled, as of the June 9th BPCA board meeting.West Thames mud grass field A

West Thames grass field before and after

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  1. dellajo says:

    Exactly! The incompetence was a ploy to justify the pork barrel project.

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