The Gluten Crazies have the poor little Girl Scouts now afraid to sell cookies with flour

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Girls scout cookiesDecember 12, 2015- by Steven E. Greer, MD

This is so absurd. The Gluten Crazies are scaring food vendors into asking everyone, “Are you allergic to anything?”, which is code for “Are you a Gluten Crazy?”.

Tonight, I purchased some Girl Scout cookies from a mother and her daughter in my lobby. I was happy because I have never done this before. In the end, I was really saddened, because the girl had to ask me, “Are you allergic to anything?”. This was the gluten question.

As we have explained before, almost no one truly have celiac disease triggered by gluten in wheat. The 100 Million or so people who think that they are gluten-intolerant are blaming their bad diet and obesity on the gluten.

Good grief! Make it stop.

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