Brookstone closes after only two months in Brookfield Place

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Brookstone Borrokfield closedUpdate February 25, 2015- This store has already gone out of business after only two-months. The retail stores at Brookfield are struggling all over the mall.

This is the age of People are simply not shopping in person.

December 2, 2015Brookstone insideBrookstone outside

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3 Responses to Brookstone closes after only two months in Brookfield Place

  1. India1901 says:

    I didn’t know a Brookstone had even opened there!

  2. mpbraverman says:

    The top photo makes me think Brookstone was located on the upper level, otherwise full of clothing stores. I never noticed them!

  3. chconkl says:

    With all the people you see in and around Beookfield Place, you know what you rarely see? Shopping bags. No one is buying anything there. Was the strategy to use these shops as showrooms? Maybe the opening of Saks on the second floor will help, but being a salesperson in one of these luxury stores must be one of the most boring job on earth.

    I have a friend who works for Time Inc. and he says he can barely afford lunch in the area, much less clothes Ermenegildo Zegna.

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