CB1’s Catherine McVay Hughes gets her name in the press again

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Catherine-McVay-Hughes-ignoring-usMay 19, 2015- Opinion by Steven E. Greer

The NYT today is “reporting” on the new Liberty Park going up south of Ground Zero, which will be somewhat like the High Line. The author of the piece was David Dunlap, whom the Broadsheet and we have demonstrated previously to be the Times’ infomercial writer for PR firms.

In the article about a Port Authority and city project called Liberty Park, somehow CB1’s Catherine McVay Hughes got her name published again. She is routinely quoted in the papers for stories that have nothing to do with anything that she helped make happen. She is clearly trying to associate herself with big projects and fool the community into thinking that she is a leader.

Ms. Hughes’ CB1 tenure is not going smoothly. In the wake of the Sheldon Silver arrests, numerous veterans and chairmen of subcommittees have “resigned” without explanation. For example, Peter Braus, the king of liquor licenses for Tribeca, left CB1 with no fanfare. On numerous occasions, the State of New York or one of its authorities have blatantly ignored her CB1 resolutions. Catherine McVay Hughes is a feckless local wannabe leader trying to spin herself via PR-placed stories as a leader.

We tried to call Ms. Hughes for comment, but her cell phone number that she has used for many years has been disconnected. Did she get a burner phone?

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