BPCA abruptly cancels board meeting today

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Former BPCA employeesMay 19, 2015- The BPCA abruptly cancelled the board meeting today. BP.TV called Robin Forst, and she immediately hung up the phone. We called back and she explained, “The meeting is on for June 9th”, dodging the question of whether today’s meeting was cancelled. When pressed, she replied, “I have nothing to say.”, and hung up the phone again.

In the wake of the recent CB1 meeting where the Brookfield Properties team made it clear that there is no contract yet signed for the marina, the BPCA could be dodging the public and press to avoid controversy. The board could also lack a quorum, since three seats remain unfilled. However, those two theories are just conjecture since the highly-paid Robin Forst refuses to do her job and communicate to the public.

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