CB1’s Fratta outraged over Pier A

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September 24, 2013- At the CB1 joint session tonight, Treasurer John Fratta expressed outrage over Pier A being given away to a private company (the Poulakakos Group) after tax payer money (more than $35 Million and counting) was used to renovate the money pit.

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2 Responses to CB1’s Fratta outraged over Pier A

  1. L says:

    Finally!!! how is it even possible that this is new news for Fratta?! Maybe there is still time to stop the project and put it to much better use as the “Italian Immigrant” museum for which it was once earmarked. This is a structure that has earned Landmark status; its layout and general disposition is more conducive for a dignified museum than a boisterous food venue. In Addition, it is in proximity to the other 2 museums. How can the community help?

  2. Editor says:

    Fratta complained about this years ago, so this is not “news” to him

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