CB1’s Paul Hovitz literally blows a kiss to indicted Sheldon Silver

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April 20, 2015- A local advertising flier in Tribeca posted a YouTube of the recent School Overcrowding Task Force organized by Sheldon Silver. The title of the story was “Silver Gets Warm Welcome Back from Downtown School Advocates”. That is a misleading title because it implies that Mr. Silver is beloved by parents and teachers. In fact, the meeting was in a small room stacked with long-time cronies of Mr. Silver, such as CB1’s Paul Hovitz.

Since Mr. Silver’s arrest by the FBI and indictment on corruption charges, Mr. Hovitz has been making comments in the press about his support for Mr. Silver. In a YouTube video of the meeting described above, Mr. Hovitz can be seen blowing a kiss to Mr. Silver.

The article also quotes the CB1 Chair. “Catherine McVay Hughes, chair of Community Board 1, said there was “definitely” a lot of support in the room for the former speaker.”.

About Mr. Silver’s School Overcrowding Task Force, BP.TV has previously reported on how it has accomplished nothing. No new schools have been constructed, and in fact, the DOE snubbed Downtown last year and reneged on a promise to build more schools.


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    When was last time he was at one of their meetings

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