Notes from the April BPCA board meeting

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BPCA board behind closed doors 1-22-2015April 20, 2015- On April 14th, the BPCA board convened. The video was not made available, and only after asking many times did the BPCA provide us with a link.

Irish Memorial: The BPCA has created an app that lets visitors to the center tap on photos of the various rocks with names of Irish counties, and learn more about them. On May 3rd they will have an event with the architect of the memorial.

The West Thames Bridge: This is already over budget and it construction has not started. $2 Million was not enough to “design” the bridge, and they BPCA is providing $750,000 more, for a total of $2.75 Million.

Designing this bridge takes one architect and a computer. Why is it costing $3 Million? Is the “design firm” a big donor to the governor?.

The North Cove Marina: will not be operational this year at all due to “pile remediation” work inside the marina. Interestingly, however, the pile remediation completed last year on the north side of the marina took place as boats continued to use the docks.

Pier-A: was allowed to delay payments for rent due to the late start they got last year. The rest of the deal is unchanged (the BPCA will get 8% of the revenue over $18 Million).

Of note, the cost of money to the BPCA is essentially free. They pay 16 basis points in interest (LIBOR).


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