CB1’s Tammy Meltzer wants to restrict Citi Bikes

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Citi Bike 1July 8, 2015- By Steven E. Greer

At the July 7th meeting of the BPC subcommittee of CB1, Tammy Meltzer was being her long-winded self, pontificating on topics not on the agenda, when she touched upon the Citi Bike issue. She complained that riders do not obey stop signs and she wanted them to be ticketed. She also wants signs to be placed by each Cit Bike stand to explain the rules of the city.

Meanwhile, Ms. Meltzer is obese and in need of exercise. Her kids were next to her at the meeting eating junk food smelling up the room with the odor of butter and crepes. It seems more appropriate for Ms. Meltzer to be advocating for more Citi Bike racks in the area and more opportunities to get in shape rather than be complaining about easy-access bikes.

For unknown reasons, Ms. Meltzer has appointed herself as the street safety activist of the CB1. Despite having no training in urban planning, she comes up with one bad idea after the other. For example, she was the main opponent of the DOT plans to make the entrance into Gateway safer.

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