The best sandwiches in Manhattan are now found on Vesey Street

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Parm Ozersky roast beef sandwichJune 30, 2015- By Steven E. Greer

In my humble opinion, the best sandwiches in Manhattan are now found on Vesey Street.

The new Parm has several hero sandwiches on exquisite sesame seed rolls.

Parm Saratoga club Parm chicken parmesian hoagie holdingParm Italian classicAcross the street, El Vez has the best burrito in the city found at the sit-down restaurant.

El Vez beef burritoThe El Vez cheeseburger is my favorite burger. The fries and toasted bun, with not-overpowering blend of beef, make it great.

El Vez cheeseburger 6-22-2015Shake Shack is what others view as the best burger.

Shake-Shack-crinkle-fires-returnThe French Le District has its own bakery producing excellent French rolls for their sandwiches.

Le District ham-and-cheese baguetteFarther off Vesey in Hudson Eats are Num Pang and Black Seed Bagel. Next year, who knows, perhaps Amada will have a good sandwich too.

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