Chaos at the BPCA

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People who left BPCA thompson anne fenton demitri boutris matt monahan gayle horwitz Update February 15, 2014- A source in an investigative division of the federal government recently told BatteryPark.TV, “We are following (the BPCA). The FBI is aware of it too.”. This was during a conversation about the BPCA’s application for FEMA funds. The comment was volunteered and not an answer to a question, which caught our attention.

Recall, the decision by the BPCA to allow Pier A to intentionally flood during Hurricane Sandy was investigated by Homeland Security. Now, the BPCA is planing on requesting billions in future FEMA aid for part of the “Rising New York” efforts to harden the waterways and mitigate flooding in the future.

November 21, 2013- By Steven E. Greer

BatteryPark.TV previously reported on the departures of three senior executives of the BPCA: Anne Fenton, Matt Monahan, and Phyllis Taylor. There has been no press release issued explaining the incidents. Moreover, organizations that deal with the BPCA frequently are reporting that the BPCA is radio silent and not replying to emails, etc. A source close to Asphalt Green reported that the BPCA was supposed to have a meeting with them this week, but that Anne Fenton cancelled. A source close to the ballfields has been unable to get any reply from the BPCA about logistical matters. Anne Fenton and Matt Monahan were their normal contacts. The source described the situation as “chaos at the BPCA”. Meanwhile, reliable sources are reporting that the new mayor is at least in discussions about taking over the BPCA, exercising an option in the state law that created the BPCA. Please continue to post your comments, particularly if your an an employee or insider of the BPCA. “We inform”.

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