Exclusive sneak peak at Brookfield Place restaurant area

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Brookfield Place window shades 2-10-2014Brookfield Place restaurants 2-10-2014February 10, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

Three months after our exclusive tour of the Brookfield Place construction, we were allowed a sneak peak inside to see what some of the final designs look like. The row of restaurants will open in April.

Brookfield is sparing little expense on the materials and design. The windows have Four-Seasons-like window shades, that take a full day to install each one. The chandeliers are all custom made, and so on.

The Rite Aide will be relocated in a few weeks to the south side of the building near the old Merrill Lynch gym, by Liberty Street. We also learned that the third floor Equinox gym might not materialize after all. Stay tuned.

This weekend, the courtyard, with is the part of Brookfield between Vesey Street and the esplanade to the south, will be jackhammered up and replaced.

Brookfield Place dining flooring

Exclusive video tour of Brookfield Place construction

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6 Responses to Exclusive sneak peak at Brookfield Place restaurant area

  1. David says:

    Really looking forward to the food area opening. I’m disappointed to hear that Equinox might not appear though! That’s what I was looking forward to more than anything.

  2. David says:

    Many of the new ads for the renovated Brookfield Place that just went up the Wintergarden carried the Equinox logo, so it looks like its a go????

  3. Editor says:

    To David

    Nice to know, thanks

  4. Tom says:

    Brookfield also issued a press release yesterday, March 12th, here: https://artsbrookfield.com/press_releases/spring-season-2014-nyc-press-release/
    which mentions, “Within the year, Le District, a 25,000-square-foot French-inspired marketplace operated by downtown hospitality group HPH will open along with leading fitness club Equinox.”

  5. Editor says:

    To Tom

    Well, for whatever reason, no construction is underway yet and workers doubted that Equinox was moving forward, but it seems to be more delayed than cancelled

  6. Tom says:


    Yeah, I imagine a lot of the openings are delayed. They still had some of the “Brookfield Place – Coming 2013” signs up in January.

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