Chick-fil-A is creating a chicken sandwich arms race in Manhattan

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Chicken sandwiches in NYAugust 11, 2015- By Steven E. Greer

We have previously reported on the new chicken sandwich restaurant that Danny Meyer will open, to be called Chicken Shack. We also reviewed David Chang’s chicken sandwich restaurant called Fuku. Now, Mighty Quinn’s has one.

This is all caused by the success of Chick-fil-A as the other fast-food chains are struggling. A recent consumer poll ranked Chick-fil-A at the top and McDonald’s at the bottom. Therefore, all of the small New York restaurant groups who want to be the next Shake Shack IPO are eying chicken sandwiches.

So far, none of the ones we have tried are making a good sandwich, alas. They are trying too hard and failing with leg-meat fillets (Blue Smoke and Fuku) and bad buns. However, we have not tried the Chicken Shack or Mighty Quinn’s yet. They might be good.

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