Exclusive: Former CB1 leader Peter Braus also removed from Downtown Alliance board

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June 14, 2015- By Steven E. Greer

With no other news coverage other than from BatteryPark.TV, the long-time Chairman of the Tribeca subcommittee of CB1, Peter Braus, abruptly “resigned” from the board. Although the Chair of all CB1, Catherine McVay Hughes, gave a formal sendoff to several other CB1 members who strangely “resigned”, Mr. Braus left with no fanfare.

While doing research for another story, BP.TV was reminded that Mr. Braus was also on the board of the Alliance for Downtown (also known as Downtown Alliance). We asked the Alliance if he was still on the board. A spokesman replied, “Peter is no longer on the board.”.

In the wake of the arrest and indictment of form Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, and head of the senate, Dean Skelos, New York politicians are looking over their shoulder. BP.TV asked Chairwoman Hughes whether the numerous strange resignations of CB1 members were related to any improprieties or investigations, and she did not reply.

Ms. Hughes has also made no comment about the arrest and conviction recently of another long-time CB1 member, lawyer Jeff Galloway, who was found guilty of evading taxes. he was disbarred, lost his $1-Million-per-year partnership job, and will possibly get three-months in prison when he is sentenced next month.

Mr. Braus did not immediately reply to our questions sent via email.

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