Chinese real estate firm chases families off Chase Plaza

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28-Liberty-Street Chase PlazaMay 12, 2015- Downtown Express reports, “Financial District families were alarmed when they and their children with scooters or strollers were kicked out of One Chase Manhattan Plaza in recent weeks.

Denise Courter, founder of FiDi Families, said around mid-April several families went to what is now called 28 Liberty Plaza, renamed after it was brought by Chinese company Fosun in 2013.

“We all tend to go to the open plazas to scooter or, for the little kids, they’re learning how to walk or pushing their own baby strollers,” Courter said in a phone interview.

“That’s something that we’ve gotten very used to. We’re obviously very lucky because there’s just big gigantic spaces that we take advantage of on the weekends.”

After about 20 minutes, however, she realized families were getting asked to leave. There were about 12 different families there and the parents pushed back, asking the security guards why they had to go. The security guard told her that the plaza was under new management and he “definitely indicated that the philosophy had changed, that it was no longer a open plaza,” she said.

The guards were civil, she said, but there was the veiled threat that if they didn’t leave, they would call the police.”

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