City Council’s Margaret Chin tries to skirt term limit laws and run for third term

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June 23, 2017- by Steven E. Greer, MD

Sheldon Silver protégé Margaret Chin is running for a third term on City Council. There is only one problem: Term limit laws prohibit that. So, how is she doing this? She is following in the corrupt footsteps of Mayor Bloomberg when he pulled this same stunt in 2009.

Spotting the financial collapse of 2008 as an opportunity to exploit for personal gain, Mayor Bloomberg got the crooked City Council to approve a bill to allow him to skirt term limits and run for his third term. He barely won that election.

At the time, opponents of this sneaky bill were quoted on CNN, “”New Yorkers went to the polls twice and said, ‘We want term limits,’ ” Tony Avella said, referring to a public vote in 1993 that imposed the two-term limit and another vote in 1996 that maintained it.

“For us to overturn that legislatively is a disgrace,” he said. “You should be all voted out of office for this.”

Councilman Charles Barron agreed, reminding his colleagues of a proposal put forth to voters in 2007 in Venezuela that would have allowed President Hugo Chavez to seek re-election indefinitely. The Venezuelan voters narrowly shot it down.

“Mayor Bloomberg, be like Hugo and let the people decide,” he said.”

Margaret Chin promised voters during her last election that she would not exploit this loophole set by Bloomberg. Now, seemingly having no ability to hold a real job outside of the sleazy political machine of New York, she is reneging on that promise.

During a candidate forum hosted by Village Independent Democrats on April 5, 2017, Margaret Chin was asked about her previous promises to not run for a third term (see video above). The audience member pointed out that Chin was first elected in 2009 after voters rejected the incumbent Alan Gerson, who was trying to run for a third term like Bloomberg. Ms. Chin deflected the question and went into a lame series of talking points about affordable housing.

Aaron Foldenauer is running against Ms. Chin. The primaries will be this Fall. Mr. Foldenauer stated, “Now, in violation of her solemn promise to the people, Chin is running for a third term,” Foldenauer said. “Chin cannot be trusted, and her time is up.” Foldenauer further explained the citizens of New York City have voted twice to limit the terms of City Council members to two four-year terms and asserts that Margaret Chin’s run for a third term is contrary to the will of the people.”

Meanwhile, this entire story has been ignored by the local “newspapers”, who are all in bed with the establishment New York City political machine. Only BatteryPark.TV is reporting on this scandal. “We inform”

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