About that “Teen attack” reported in the TribecaTrib

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Allied Barton security guards on rector 12-19-2015Update January 13, 2016- A second juvenile male was arrested for the robbery described below. Desmond Jack, a 16-year-old black male, was arrested yesterday and charged with robbery and assault. He lives at 15 St. James Place, the public housing complex near the Brooklyn Bridge (We confirmed this with the NYPD, because the TribecaTrib article had several errors).

Update January 12, 2016- The NYPD First Precinct arrested a 14-year-old male for the beating and robbery described below. BatteryPark.TV knew this this would likely happen last week but could not disclose it.

January 7, 2016- by Steven E. Greer, MD

The definition of propaganda is “Propaganda is information that is not impartial and used primarily to influence an audience and further an agenda, often by presenting facts selectively (perhaps lying by omission) to encourage a particular synthesis, or using loaded messages to produce an emotional rather than a rational response to the information presented.”

The TribecaTrib (Tribeca’s equivalent of The Broadsheet: a small paper reliant on revenue from establishment organizations) recently published some pure propaganda that approaches defamation. The Trib “reported” on an alleged attack of teens by the ballfields on Murray Street. They cited no sources and listed no witness names.

In the article, they blame the new AlliedBarton private security force for not intervening as the attack took place. It was one-sided writing clearly with an agenda to vilify AlliedBarton and pander to the city and PEP union: establishments that the advertising flier relies on for money. In other words, it was propaganda.

TribecaTrib quoted an anonymous source, “(AlliedBarton) pulled out a walkie-talkie and told us he’s not allowed to intervene but he can call for help. Once we started walking, that’s when he started walking behind us towards them, beginning to yell at the kids, too, saying, ‘Get away. Get away.’” At that point, she added, the attackers fled.

The girl said a second security guard quickly arrived and called the PEPs, who then called police and an ambulance. “They never actually came to see if our friend was ok,” she said of the private security men. “It wasn’t until the park rangers came that they actually walked over and saw that he was on the ground.”

Geoffrey Croft, president of NYC Parks Advocates and an outspoken critic of the AlliedBarton contract, first reported the attack on his organization’s website. He said the incident reinforces the worries that he and others had voiced.

“Exactly what residents had been concerned about is exactly what happened,” Croft said. “And it occurred 24 hours after these guys started to work.””

However, AlliedBarton personnel were at least in the vicinity of the attack and called the proper authorities. Where were the PEP that the TribecaTrib wants us to believe are so superior? The city PEP officers were nowhere to be found as usual. Only after the AlliedBarton called them did PEP show up, and far too late.

Recent cases of rape in nearby PEP-patrolled Downtown parks share the same story. The PEP were nowhere to be found as the violent crime transpired.

Moreover, the Allied Barton security force was only two-days on the job. In contrast, the absentee PEP forces were veterans and not downsized whatsoever. There is no excuse for the PEP not being stationed in every park at all times.

It is a non sequitur and false argument to compare the arresting powers of the PEP to the AlliedBarton private security forces not allowed to arrest perpetrators. The PEP, in reality, are being redistributed to parks outside of our Battery Park leaving just a handful of PEP. Then, those PEP are insulated inside golf carts and are rarely ever seen.

Arrest powers are useless if the officers are rarely patrolling. This is why the BPCA severed the contract with the PEP.

In this particular case, the AlliedBarton team should be commended for being on the job and readily available. They called 911 and the PEP, as trained. Without the AlliedBarton guard making those calls, the crime would have gone unreported for hours, and only if the victims walked to the First Precinct.

BatteryPark.TV has previously posted observations about the performance of the new AlliedBarton staff. They are patrolling the parks in visible fashion. They are telling pot smokers to leave. They are telling tour buses to pull away. None of this was ever done by the PEP.

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