The White House is in full Goebbels lie mode this morning

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January 13, 2016- by Steven E. Greer

Yesterday, before President Obama gave his last State of the Union speech, Iran captured 10 U.S. Navy sailors in the Persian Gulf. They were on board two different small Navy boats.

This morning, the American state-sponsored media is telling a story that explains away the whole matter as just an innocent accident, and not another hostage taking by Iran ala 1979. CBS (whose president, David Rhodes, is the brother of White House senior media liaison Ben Rhodes) told the tale that both of the Navy boats mysteriously, “broke down” and, “drifted into Iranian waters”. Both boats, “lost communication with the Pentagon”.

So, it was all just an innocent mistake. We should not get all worked up. Right?

However, it is very likely that the news is regurgitating a Benghazi-like lie sent to them by the White House (from Susan Rice and Ben Rhodes, probably). Navy vessels don’t “break down and drift”, or lose communication with their command. If the sailors were drifting and saved by the Iranians, then why were they held against their will overnight? Moreover, the Iranians are refuting the White House version of facts by stating that the U.S. sailors were “engaging in unprofessional behavior” which caused them to be captured.

What is likely true is that the “news” is helping the Obama administration save face and make the embarrassing incident go away. The reality is that the capture was a stunt by Iran timed to embarrass Obama before the State of the Union. This all comes amidst heightened tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Recall, after the American embassy in Benghazi, Libya was attacked and the staff murdered, the White House orchestrated a lie about how some filmmaker who disrespectfully depicted Mohammed triggered the riots. That story, which was told many times by the American state-sponsored TV news, is now known to be a complete lie dreamed up by The White House. The same geniuses behind that debacle are still advising President Obama to this day.

The White House is not just spinning on the facts. They are generating complete 100% bogus stories.

Update January 13, 2016- On the CBS Evening News, after video from Iran made it obvious that Iran took US sailors hostage, CBS buried the story as the sixth story, eight minutes into the broadcast. In contrast, NBC led off with the story.

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  1. LB says:

    Excellent and fair.

    I love the term “American state-sponsored media”….you OWN IT.

    So much more accurate than “mainstream media”….

    Good job!

    Dr. B

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