Why is the BPCA’s Dennis Mehiel hiding from the public?

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Update April 12, 2016- The BPCA posted at the last minute that they are holding a board meeting tomorrow at 3:00 PM, before the evening town hall. You are encourage to attend and ask questions. Local leaders recently wrote a letter to the BPCA demanding that questions be taken.

Update April 8, 2016- It is now well into April, and there is still no board meeting scheduled for the month.  That would be the third month in a row without a meeting, which is illegal and unprecedented. Meanwhile, important decisions about the community are being made behind closed doors.

March 15, 2016- The BPCA has gone silent, hiding from the public amidst scandal. Chairman/CEO Dennis Mehiel ignored the laws and held no meeting of the board in February. Now, he is also blowing off March as well.

The next BPCA “meeting” will be on April 13th. This was just posted on the website. However, it is unclear whether that is just a town hall meeting or an actual board meeting.

This all comes at a time of heightened scrutiny of the BPCA due to numerous scandlas. In addition, Mr. Mehiel’s term expired at the end of 2015 and Governor Cuomo has yet to re-appoint him or appoint a new Chairman.

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  1. mpbraverman says:

    I have marked April 13 at 6 PM on my calendar for the Town Hall. I hope they ask for questions in advance as they did the last time.

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