Assembly person Deborah Glick claims she had no idea Sheldon Silver was corrupt

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Paul Goldstein at CB1April 12, 2016- Deborah Glick hired one of Sheldon Silver’s top continents, Paul Goldstein, as a show of solidarity to the corrupt Lower Manhattan democrat establishment. She also praised Shelly AFTER his arrest and conviction for federal charges of corruption. Now, all of a sudden, Deborah Glick claims ignorance as a defense.

A local blog reports, “Obviously I did not know that Shelly was corrupt,” Glick said. “Everybody thought he was too smart to be that stupid. It was a very painful realization that he had betrayed all of us.”

Glick is being challenged for her Assembly seat by a Village local, activist-lawyer Arthur Schwartz, after serving in Albany since 1990. At the candidate forum last week hosted by three Village-based Democratic clubs, Schwartz hit Glick on her relationship to Silver early on in his opening statement, highlighting how she “stood with corrupt Speaker Sheldon Silver until the very end.”

Glicks district

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2 Responses to Assembly person Deborah Glick claims she had no idea Sheldon Silver was corrupt

  1. MD says:

    Hi Steve

    Who is your choice for Shelly’s seat?

    I really could use some advice. Are you running? Not sure about the puppets on the ballad.

    Thank you.

  2. Editor says:

    This shady secret election is opaque to me. I don’t even know who is on the ballot. Do you?

    Feel free to write my name in, but I am not officially running.

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