Cops ticket truck illegally parked on North End Avenue as PEP do nothing

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Police ticket truck on North End AveJuly 10, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

I was biking this evening and saw a huge tractor trailer tow truck illegally parked in the turning lane in front of The North End Grill and (also known as “Greer Plaza” or the outdoor dining space). So, I called the First Precinct and they sent out a “Special Operations” car to investigate.

It turns out that the large “Events Permit” in the truck window was bogus. It was expired, and the police gave the truck a ticket.

However, the bigger story here is that this illegally parked truck was instructed to park there by the Conrad Hotel, according to the tow truck company operating out of Oklahoma. It was there as part of an event taking place in the hotel.

The Conrad Hotel, managed by GM Robert Rechtermann, is affiliated with Goldman Sachs. It continues to flagrantly violate the parking laws in the community, which attracts other tour buses once they see the precedent set.

Before the police were called, I called the north station of the Park Enforcement Patrol (PEP). The officer on the phone said that the Conrad Hotel is not their jurisdiction, whereas other areas are. Two PEP on bikes drove by the tow truck and did nothing.

The big bucks of Goldman Sachs has clearly influenced the BPCA. The BPCA has instructed the PEP to not deal with vehicles in front of the Conrad hotel, according to Captain Ed Falcon.

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3 Responses to Cops ticket truck illegally parked on North End Avenue as PEP do nothing

  1. lucy2012 says:

    The marriage of commerce (Conrad Hotel) and government (BPCA) has made BPC residents impotent in more ways than we can possibly know. Parking violations is probably the least of it.

  2. Gerald Hanweck says:

    @lucy2012: you said it!

  3. rosalie van cleef says:

    You are so wonderful! Conrad Hotel has not been a very nice addition to the area.

    Actually, Embassy Suites was sweeter in many ways.

    Not sure about Goldman Sachs aware of much that is going on at the hotel or the restaurants.

    Best places, The Deli, Vintry, and the Pastry Shop

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