Cuomo gives the middle finger to local city Democrats

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Cuomo reuseFebruary 1, 2016- by Steven E. Greer

The bigger story playing out with this PEP-firing is how Governor Como, the man in charge of the BPCA, is giving the big middle finger to all of the local elected Democrats in New York City. The plan to replace the city PEP with private security was met with organized opposition by the PEP union. So, of course, the local electeds had to pretend to oppose the move as well, since they are in the pocket of the unions. However, Cuomo gave the green light and the BPCA proceeded with firing all of the PEP anyway.

Now, the local adverting fliers paid by the establishment Democrats of Lower Manhattan can’t print the false outrage and propaganda fast enough. The Broadsheet wrote today, “PEPs are government employees and duly sworn law-enforcement personnel (with the authority to issue summonses, make arrests, and use physical force to stop a crime in progress), private security guards have none of these powers.”, continuing their conspiracy to scare the sheep into thinking that BPC will not have no security.

The TribecaTrib has also tried its best to scare everyone by creating a string of stories about a teen beaten up by Shake Shack, and somehow tried to blame AlliedBarton security. Where were the PEP and why did they not respond to the scene? The fact that few PEP show up to work, violating the contract, is the reason that the BPCA was able to break to contract in the first place.

The local people who have no power in their own personal lives and try to get some satisfaction by selling their souls and joining the CB1, etc, are also in full false-outrage mode today. It’s as if Governor Cuomo has personally told the likes of Anthony Notaro and Tammy Meltzer, “You are an insignificant schmuck. Fuck off, peasants.”

This is what’s going on, folks. Governor Cuomo has been openly feuding with New York City Mayor de Blasio. The PEP are city employees and Cuomo is clearly allowing the replacement of the PEP by AlliedBarton forces as a way to rest control from the city government and trasnfer it to the state authority.

(Editor’s Note: We full support the move to replace the no-show feckless PEP with competent ex-military security guards.)

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