Cuomo suddenly cares about sexual offenses on the subway after one NY Post story

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June 22, 2016- The Gothamist website makes a good point. Governor Cuomo was suddenly in the news, with photo-ops on the subway, demanding that the MTA do more about sexual assaults on the subway, and it was all because of one NY Post story. This problem has been out of control for several years, and now he acts?

Hey, Mr. Cuomo, you employ a serial sexual abuser at your own BPCA. His name is Robert Serpico.

Exclusive: BatteryPark.TV obtains sexually inappropriate emails sent by CFO Robert Serpico to BPCA staff

Did BPCA’s General Counsel get a raise in exchange for not investigating Robert Serpico’s latest sexual harassment scandal?

Exclusive: BatteryPark.TV confirms that Robert Serpico’s assistant filed a complaint with the federal government over sexual harassment

Exclusive: Robert Serpico allegedly crossed the line from mere inappropriate harassment to physical touching and sex with BPCA employees

Did Robert Serpico obstruct an investigation into sexual harassment at the BPCA?

Exclusive: Female BPCA employee who complained of sexual harassment “quits”

BPCA board circles the wagons to support CFO Robert Serpico


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