Curated News: 5-22-2023

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Global Tyranny:

  • Holy cow. The @BBC is literally the propaganda arm of the British equivalent to our NSA. Here, this agent brags about setting up fake Twitter accounts. @elonmusk has to shut this down.
  • G7 chose Hiroshima is an attack on the USA. It’s a WEF strategy to demonize American history to usher in Agenda 2030 communism. The nuclear bombs were dropped on an evil Japan. They stopped the Pacific war.
  • Great Reset Architect Yuval Harari Arrives Through The Backdoor at Bilderberg as Uninvited Guest
  • A late Friday evening news dump revealed that the FBI abused FISA warrants YET AGAIN, 278,000 times!
  • IRELAND – Where Proof is no longer required to punish you for questioning the narrative. Read that again! Proof is no longer required to prove guilt if what you say or think, is considered hateful by the authorities.
  • Troubling Times in the Elite Eugenicist Club….Bill Gates has an affair with a woman that looks like Greta Thunberg…and his friend Jeffrey Epstein threatens to use it against him. Lol.

  • Holy cow. The BBC is literally the propaganda arm of the British equivalent to our NSA. Here, this agent brags about setting up fake Twitter accounts. She uses Orwellian doublespeak euphemisms like “mistruth” and “disinformation” instead of “lies” because what they censor is the actual truth and not lies.

American Coup News:

  • Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) opted not to prosecute U.S. Attorney for the District of Massachusetts Rachael Rollins after the Office of the Inspector General determined that she lied under oath and referred its allegation to the DOJ.
  • Bobby Kennedy Jr: “We have to stop illegal immigration. We can’t have millions of people streaming across the border and then competing with American workers and burdening our social service systems and cities all over the country.”


  • Robert F. Kennedy Jr on Losing His Voice Due to a Neurological Injury at 42-Years-Old “I feel sorry for people who have to listen to me. I cannot watch myself on TV or listen to my voice.”
  • Four-Term Democratic Sen. Tom Carper Announces Retirement
  • Incredible. North Carolina’s Democrat Gov. Roy Cooper is declaring a “state of emergency” because the NC legislature is going to override his veto on a universal school choice bill. (This is why what happens in Canada and EU is so important. It ends up here. This is what Trudeau did.)

Money and the Economy:

  • Jamie Dimon today: “I am more concerned about Quantitative Tightening than rates. I’m more concerned than anyone here. We’ve never had real QT.”

Crimes Against Humanity:

  • 3 years of intense propaganda summarized in 11 minutes…
  • In 2009 the WHO changed its definition of a pandemic, after the H1N1 influenza was identified. The Council of Europe voiced concerns that the declaration of a pandemic became possible only after the WHO had redefined the definition of pandemic influenza.
  • Psych drugs cause mass shootings
  • We now have Instagram influencers making inspirational videos about euthanasia. “Are you excited?” she asks her grandmother who is about to be put down. We need to stop using words like “Orwellian” to describe our culture. It makes things seems better than they really are.

Other News:

  • 42 more Christians murdered in Nigeria’s Christian genocide that has claimed close to 100 000 lives and still no outcry from Christians or churches worldwide. Killings Continue in Nigeria Farming Communities Despite Curfew – International Christian Concern
  • Watch: Private passengers launch to spend a weekend aboard the ISS
  • Brooks Koepka is the 20th player to win five majors in a career and just the third to do so in the last 30 years, joining Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson.
  • The states that use Colorado River water have agreed to cuts requested by the federal government to help keep two of the main reservoirs, Lake Mead and Lake Powell, from falling to critically low levels

Dividing the USA by Crime and Chaos News:

Dividing the USA by Race and Gender News:

  • University of Minnesota is giving out $6K stipends, but only non-whites can apply for them.
  • Medical school professor says parents must implement gender ideology for babies: ‘It… starts at birth’
  • UC Berkeley held a “Black Graduation” today for its non-white students. State-funded segregation in 2023.
  • College student gets a 0 on an assignment for using the words “biological women.”
  • High school track star appears to give ‘thumbs-down’ after she’s pushed out of state champs by transgender competitor: ‘Cheated’
  • Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte just signed a bill into law that defines “sex” as “male” or “female” in all state codes.
  • Steep drops in sales of Bud Light beer continued to worsen for the sixth consecutive week, plunging by nearly 25%.

Vaccine Deaths and Adverse Events:

  • New Zealand Chess Champion Sue Maroroa Jones Dead at 32…
  • Paul Simon Suffers “Sudden Hearing Loss”…(Recall, last October, I spotted Roger Daltrey at a Who concert having hearing loss issues that no one else seemed to diagnose.)

On the Data Front:

  • Analysis suggests Covid-19 boosters likely to cause a net clinical harm to young adults(18-29 yr), where total severe adverse events (SAEs) will outweigh Covid hospitalizations averted

Healthcare Business News:

  • Hepion Pharmaceuticals Inc said on Monday its treatment met the main goal of improving liver function in patients with a type of fatty liver disease in a mid-stage study trial, sending its shares 45% higher in premarket trading.
  • Shares of Intercept Pharmaceuticals Inc fell 16% on Monday over concerns about the prospects of the company’s drug to treat a type of fatty liver disease after the regulator’s advisory panel voted to defer an accelerated approval.

Propaganda and Legacy Media:

  • Trump social media firm sues Washington Post for defamation, seeks $3.78 billion in damages
  • State-sponsored BBC rolls out a fact check service that is nothing but a way to censor dissenting voices



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  1. Charles CARROLL says:

    Years ago a doctor in Texas named Dr Whitaker did an analysis of the use of psych drugs and antisocial behavior including mass shootings. It was his conclusion that there was a direct correlation. He believed that these drugs inhibited a portion of the human brain that was responsible for normal non-violent social behavior. I know the doctor Greer has also suggested this.

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