Custom-tailored French-made shirts at ManuelRacim in Tribeca

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Manuel Racim lady with shirtsMay 22, 2015- By Steven E. Greer

I ordered two custom-tailored French-made shirts at ManuelRacim (MR) in Tribeca. They arrived today, two weeks later. Each shirt was $125, which is only 20% more than off-the-shelf fitted shirts at Brooks Brothers, Bonobos, etc.

The main reason I wanted to try MR shirts was because I was tired of the quality of cotton in my other shirts. I highly suspect that they are not 100% cotton, as promised. The collar and waist were also not optimally fitting me.

Upon trying on my new MR shirts, I am highly please. They are real, genuine, soft cotton. The fit is exceptional, and I even have a little monogram on the sleeve.

Manuel Racim shirt arrivedManuel Racim front

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