Daily throw-away papers plague South End Avenue

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Update May 24, 2013- An Upper East Side group working to clean up that area has extensively investigated the free newspaper box plague. A law was passed in 2002 to curtail this problem, but the city is not enforcing it. The City DOT page dealing with newsracks is found here. To learn more about the Civitas efforts, click here.

May 18, 2013- By Steven E. Greer

A woman who lives in Gateway Plaza stopped me yesterday on South End Avenue to ask whether BatteryPark.TV could help eliminate the numerous plastic daily newspaper containers. There are more than ten of them along the commercial strip of LeFrak-leased shops, and virtually no one reads anything from them. This is also related to the nearby phone booth that no one uses, and that serves as a convenient excuse for Gristedes to pile crates and garbage.

These problems were raised at the last CB1 meeting by this author, but the esteemed board interrupted me and seemed to care little. If others in the community voiced their concerns, it would matter. You can contact the Community Board at elacher@cb.nyc.gov

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2 Responses to Daily throw-away papers plague South End Avenue

  1. Sparky says:

    I would not mind those paper bins as much if they had a proper enclosure. Maybe sometting in a designer metal or even a finished wood. But the various assortment of styyles is a pain. Perhaps they can at least be moved to where the Taxi stand is located ?? The sidewalk in front of Greestedes is WAY too crowded with people, News boxes, and Trash from the stores – and bikes. It is a real eye sore… Some ideas
    1 – stores can only put out trash after 8pm
    2 – News boxes moved and into a single well designed container by taxi stands
    3 – Delivery Bikes – one per store or create an area in the Gateway garage Or other side of South end in a common bike rake.
    4 – Move Hot dog stands and fruit stands to other side of South End where there is less traffic

  2. admin says:

    Very good ideas. I like the idea of moving them to Brookfield’s side of the street (east).

    The sidewalk food vendors also attract all of the trash and clutter. They give the “green light” for people to trash our neighborhood. People in BPC have just accepted that the South End strip has and always will be a slum. That is wrong. This is one of the best places in Manhattan to live and this mediocrity mentality should be challenged.

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