Dog owners ignoring “Dog Free” signs

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Dogs on rector parkMay 29, 2013- At the most recent meeting of the BPC division of CB1, board member Dennis Gault raised the topic of dog owners allowing their pets to go to the bathroom in the dog free Teardrop Park. Likewise, in the West Thames grass field, dog owners in FiDi often let their pets urinate as soon as they go down the Rector Street bridge (photo below).

Tonight, a viewer emailed us a complaint about Rector Park being inundated by dogs. He wrote, “The Rector Park is not for dogs. Apparently some of the neighbors can’t read. I love dogs, but there is a place for them.”

There seems to be a trend in the community of the PEP failing to enforce dog free zones. While most of the pet owners are respectful and courteous, the minority of pet owners ruin it for everyone. If you see something, say something.

Grass killed by dog urine

Grass killed by dog urine

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4 Responses to Dog owners ignoring “Dog Free” signs

  1. M says:

    The Rector Street Park is not for dogs. Apparently some of the neighbors can’t read. I love dogs, but there is a place for them.

    I wish the PEP people would be more vigilant, because it is a shame the grass get destroyed so fast.

  2. fran says:

    i have lived here for over 30 yrs …dog owners do whatever they want …wherever they want….no regard for anyone…………..

  3. Brosen says:

    It has become a,”do it yourself world” concerning dog owners ignoring NO Pet rules. I am doing the work the PEP officers should be doing but obviously are not when I see those rules being ignored. PEP officers have told me that they are told not to confront violators to avoid conflict.This is what we are getting for our money down here.
    Rector Pl.

  4. BPCResident says:

    If you see an offender, politely ask them if they are aware of the rule/law. It is up to you if you want to video the encounter, post it to youtube, then post a link here on Entirely up to you.

    There is one egregious offender just north of Chelsea Piers that I see as I pass on my morning run who seems to exalt in letting her shitzu(sp?) defecate on the lawn with no pickup. I will choose to confront and record her next time I see it happen. 🙂

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