Danny Meyer abolishes tipping at his restaurants

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Danny MeyerOctober 14, 2015- Sit down for this, because I am actually going to compliment Danny Meyer. The Post is reporting that he is eliminating tipping and making the single price all-inclusive.

This is a very smart move. Maybe Danny is starting to take control of his restaurants, once again? If so, I take full credit, because my public shaming worked.

The Post reports, “Visionary restaurateur Danny Meyer is doing away with tips at all his restaurants — with the new policy rolling out in November at his poshest place, The Modern.

By the end of 2016, Meyer plans to overhaul all 13 of his eateries under the umbrella of his restaurant group, Union Square Hospitality Group, to a European style of dining where the menu’s pricing is all-inclusive.

“I’d see nights where waiters were crying because somebody from Europe would walk out without leaving a tip,” Meyer told Eater.

He’s been thinking about changing the way Americans tip for decades, writing in a Union Square Cafe newsletter back in 1994 that our system is “awkward for all parties involved.” But this week, he made it official.”

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