Danny Meyer’s PR firm places infomercial for Marta on CBS

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Marta pizza sliceMarch 4, 2015- Following Danny Meyer’s successful cashing out of the business with his Shake Shack IPO, he now seem to be trying to launch the next “Better Dominoes Pizza”. Danny’s PR firm managed to get CBS national news to do a propaganda puff piece on his new pizza restaurant called Marta.

There was no mention by CBS of the negative feedback from real diners on Marta, or that the pretentious cracker-like crust of Marta is not scalable to mainstream America. Instead, CBS’ David Axelrod made it seem like Marta was a hit and changing the whole paradigm of pizza.

Well, there is reality and there is what the PR people want you to believe.

Review: Danny Meyer’s new pizzeria, Marta

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