NYPD conducting “Live shooter” drills with blanks in 250 Vesey

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Brookfield Place 250 VeseyMarch 4, 2015- The NYPD is turning 250 Vesey into a shooting range tonight. From 8:00 PM to 5:00 AM, they are conducting “live shooter” drills, complete with mock hostages and blank rounds fired. The building is the location of the new undercover police units.

One wonders whether the bureaucracy of the NYPD realizes that they relocated into one of the wealthiest neighborhoods. They seem to be treating BPC of 2015 like BPC of 1995, before the fancy buildings were constructed.

Does the NYPD realize that the street they chose to turn into a government vehicle parking lot is in front of fine dining, with more fine dining to come soon, and is blocking spots by Leonardo Di Caprio’s bachelor pad? Wasn’t Staten Island invented specifically for police training drills and to house government vehicles? Now, they are doing hostage drills, like BPC is a movie set?

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