Did FDR and Stalin collude to hand over Eastern Europe to the USSR?

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June 19, 2023- by Steven E. Greer

I watched a few more minutes of this documentary about the 1945 Yalta Conference where the fate of the world after World War II was decided. It was The Big Three of Churchill, Stalin, and FDR meeting as the European stage of WW2 was coming to a close.

We now know that the USA gave away much of Europe to the Russians for no good reason. Why?

First, Roosevelt was just a blithering idiot, or seemingly an idiot. He was diverging with Churchill during the negotiations. This meant that Stalin had the upper hand.

All of the countries that the Russians liberated from Germany became Russian communist states because of Franklin Delano Roosevelt not standing with Churchill. The documentary does not explain why this happened.

What if Franklin Delano Roosevelt were not incompetent, but rather siding with his preferences of socialism by helping communist Stalin? Roosevelt’s domestic policies were Socialist. There’s no difference between socialism and communism, really.

Churchill seemed to be the lone staunch capitalist. Great Britain was sidelined after the war for a reason.

Calling FDR an idiot is like calling Joe Biden incompetent. Biden is not. Joe Biden is doing exactly what he is supposed to be doing. He is helping the other side, or the Fourth Reich, that put him in power.

At Yalta, FDR’s right-hand man, literally, was Harry Hopkins. It is well known that Hopkins was a communist. Alger Hiss was also at Yalta. Hiss would have been charged with espionage as a Soviet spy if the statute of limitations had not expired. Instead, he went to prison for perjury.

The Washington Times, wrote, “It took 50 years to bludgeon Alger Hiss’ defenders into admitting that this suave bureaucrat, who rose to be chief of the State Department’s Office of Special Political Affairs, had actually been a Soviet agent all along. And it will probably take another 50 to force Franklin Roosevelt’s admirers to concede that their hero’s closest confidant and adviser was yet another Soviet agent.”

Good grief. Churchill got overrun by communists at Yalta. This was not incompetence. It was by design.

Another similarity between World War II and now is the lack of comprehension of the atrocities being perpetrated by the communsits. Stalin, for example, intentionally delayed helping Poland because he wanted the Germans to destroy it. That caused millions of needless deaths. During the Yalta Conference, only Churchill seemed to realize that Stalin was capable of such mass murder. FDR either did not know or did not care.

The world did not realize how bad Stalin was until decades later. By that time, even the communists in Russia disavowed him (Stalin was shunned by the USSR after his death). But it took a long time to realize that he killed millions and millions of people.

It reminds me of the millions and millions of people harmed and killed by the vaccines today. Very few people understand how evil are these people. It will take decades to be appreciated that they knowingly killed people by withholding lifesaving oral medications, pushed the spike-protein gene therapy into toddlers, etc.

After FDR gave away much of free Europe and China to Stalin, the 78-years of societal decline that ensued has reached the point where the Fourth Reich is controlling the federal government of the USA. Our current stooges are acting like FDR back then.

In the news today is Sectary of State Blinken meeting President Xi in China. The USA gave China the permission to take over Taiwan. The precedent set at Yalta lives on.

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