The Fourth Reich Strategies: Updates

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August 19, 2023- by Steven E. Greer

As I have mentioned over the last 12-months and longer, Klaus Schwab’s WEF, also known as the Fourth Reich, is failing. Their implanted leaders in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand have been ousted and their Biden/Trudeau puppets are on their last breaths. The Fourth Reich “stakeholders” (i.e., the globalist companies) are taking it on the chin after dutifully going along with the “Agenda2030” plans of ESG that caused states to cancel their pension plans with the likes of BlackRock, woke movies/TV content creation that is decimating the revenue for Disney, etc., woke transgender ads that backfired for Target and Ambev, and so on.

The money is drying up for the Fourth Reich just as it did for Stalin after WW2. Totalitarian regimes do not create. They only destroy. The Fourth Reich’s ally in China is not doing much better. The Chinese economy is failing and about to suffer a Lehman Brothers crisis.

Because of this, with Klaus et al knowing that their window of opportunity is shrinking, they are doubling down and escalating the radicalism. They are desperate animals.

Knowing this, one can monitor the news better with a more enlightened perspective. The recent steps the Fourth Reich has taken this year have been in the following categories, with the most advanced at the top:

  1. Censorship
  2. Propaganda: Amping up the transgender and racial divisions
  3. Militarization of the Department of Justice
  4. Destroying the US economy and middle class with inflation caused by trillions in spending bills.
  5. Increasing inflationary spending in Ukraine
  6. Digital currency as a means for control
  7. Attempting to destabilize Europe and the US with a war in Ukraine
  8. Going after your guns and the Second Amendment
  9. Creating a new pandemic crisis after COVID as a pretext for totalitarian control
  10. Attacks on soft targets (e.g., East Palestine and Maui)

Over the last three months, so many unprecedented actions have occurred that it all has become lost in the blender. That is what the Fourth Reich wants. They want to dominate the news cycle each week and distract the opposition with cat lasers. That propaganda strategy cannot be allowed to succeed.

Let’s review the recent actions of the Fourth Reich as they fit into the categories above.


Censorship of America citizens by their own government was a creation of the Patriot Act under President Dick Cheney. When Ed Snowden exposed this and then no one went to jail, it emboldened the Deep State. Previous presidents, from Woodrow Wilson onward, have engaged in unconstitutional censorship of Americans, but the Internet allowed the spy agencies to monitor everyone, all the time. We live in a truly Orwellian world now.

Censorship aimed at stopping Populism and President Trump started around 2016, before the election, with the bogus Russian dossier created by Camp Hillary and propagated in their legacy TV and newspaper outlets. When the report from the Mueller and Durham special counsel proved that it was all a hoax, and no one went to jail, the greenlight was given for unlimited censorship.

When Elon Musk released the Twitter files, exposing how pervasive the federal government was, embedding thousands of ex-CIA inside all of the social media companies, it was shocking. But the Uniparty did nothing. When the federal case of Missouri v. Biden allowed for depositions of White House officials, such as Anthony Fauci, which revealed even more detail, and then a federal injunction ensued against the censorship, the government ignored the order.

That federal dragnet of surveillance of US citizens is the genie-out-of-the-bottle. Even a court order from the Supreme Court will be ignored. The only way to keep it in check will be to have private and state lawsuits go after them and hit them in their bank accounts. Ideally, state AG’s would also start criminal prosecutions.

Propaganda and Transgender Activism:

The pink-haired, nose-pierced, cross-dressing activists pretending to be angered by some imaginary oppression of the trans community are all soldiers of the Fourth Reich. Every single drag queen event for toddlers is organized at high levels.

The goals are twofold. First is to brainwash young children and make them believe that the obvious is not real. Second is the effort to demoralize adults. If Americans see a man crossdressing and calling himself “Admiral”, then they will lose hope in the system.

The trans activists have also become the street thugs of the Fourth Reich. Antifa fell out of favor, but the same people who were in Antifa just dyed their hair and joined the trans gangs.

Militarization of the Department of Justice:

The militarization of the Department of Justice and federal courts began in earnest after January 6, 2021 and the creation of the made-for-TV “January 6th Committee”.  When the Fourth Reich realized that they had all of congress afraid to defend the constitution, they pushed the envelope further into a post-constitutional state. They began to openly arrest and maliciously prosecute political opponents.

President Trump has now been indicted by two state-level grand juries and a federal “special counsel”. In every case, Trump committed no crimes and the prosecutors going after him were Obama stooges. When New York City’s Alvin Bragg launched the first indictment, and when there were no repercussions from the “Republican” House, it emboldened AG Garland to unleash Special Counsel Jack Smith, and now Atlanta prosecutor Fani Willis.

In the Atlanta case, they are casting a wider net to send a message. Dozens Trump’s supporters have been charged as well, such as Rudy Giuliani and former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows. The strategy is to chill others going into 2024.

The only way to stop the federal crimes being perpetrated by the rogue top-echelon of the DOJ is to have state-level DA’s and legislatures act. The people being persecuted also have to fight back. They need to transfer cases to federal court and get them escalated to the Supreme Court.

Destroying the US Economy with Inflation:

In Speaker of the House Pelosi’s last year, 2022, she rushed through several spending bills that totaled several trillion dollars. Spending like that has never been seen before.

There is only one place for all of that new money to go, and that is into asset bubbles like the stock market. Inflation grows. As the dollar becomes diluted, the Federal Reserve has to raise interest rates.

All of this has long been a strategy of the communists. Lenin explained it well. The elites of the totalitarian parties benefit as the rest suffer.

In this Fourth Reich, we have the WEF “stakeholders” benefitting and regular folks can no longer afford to even put food on the table. Rent is untenable and millions of non-drug-addicts are living in mobile vehicles.

There will be massive civil unrest very soon, I predict. That will then be the pretext for using the military on US soil.

Of note, the weekly announcements that hundreds of billions of dollars has been sent to Ukraine is just a way to increase the inflationary spending and skirt the Republican House now that Pelosi is gone. The families of the politicians enabling this also directly benefit because they are board members of crooked Ukraine companies.

Digital Currency as a Means for Control:

The WEF has made great progress within the last 12-months to expedite their “Agenda2030”, which includes eliminating paper currency and replacing it with digital currency that can be confiscated on a whim. It was first rolled out in China.

Any American venue that refuses to take cash should be reported to a state attorney general. People who have the ability should challenge digital currency plans in the courts.

The US does not yet have the same level of digital currency as China and the EU, but de-banking has begun. There are many examples of populists in the US having their bank accounts shut down.

There needs to be a new federal law called the Banking Rights Act that bans de-banking, bans the cooperation of banks with the DOJ without a warrant, and so on. If Senator Manchin were to vote with the Republican caucus, it could pass.

Attempting to Destabilize Europe and the US with a War in Ukraine:

The crises of wars is what allowed communism to spread in the 20th Century. WW1 led to Hitler and the Nazis as well as Stalin. Many think that Stalin instigated WW2 to spread communism. The Cold War that ensued allowed the spy agencies to grow in power because of the fear that the boogeyman communist would get the upper hand. Now, that spy-military-complex is the other genie-out-of-the-bottle.

The Ukraine proxy war is escalating into a hot war between the US and Russia. We are sending F-16 fighter jets now and blowing up Russian bridges in Crimea. The Fourth Reich sees this as an opportunity.

Going After Your Guns and the Second Amendment:

Not getting as much coverage as it should is the DOJ’s attack on gun shops and individuals with guns. Civilians with guns keeps the equivalent of WW2 Brownshirt SS troops at bay.

The Second Amendment is unique to the US. That is why the federal government has been raiding gun shops, stealing documents that list gun owners, and shutting them down. These should be top on the agenda of the Republicans in congress, but there is not a peep from the Uniparty.

Creating a New Pandemic Crisis after COVID:

Recent reports indicate that the Fourth Reich is stooping to create a new pandemic with another manmade virus. Their propaganda outlets are already warning of “new variants” and plan to reinstitute mask and vaccine mandates.

Every person now, who is not part of the communist cult, should know that masks only do harm and the “vaccines” (i.e., gene therapies) are causing turbo cancer and heart attacks. The effort to repeat the martial law that started in 2020 must be stopped.

Attacks on Soft Targets:

Lastly, still below the radar is the Fourth Reich’s increasing boldness in attacking soft targets as an escalation of their coup into a hot war. Rogue agents cooperating with the DOJ have been targeting infrastructure, such as power stations and food plants, in preparation for the Second Civil War.

The catastrophic train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio in 2023 has all of the hallmarks of a strategic attack on a soft target. The town was mostly Trump supporters. The governor of Ohio is a Uniparty stooge who allowed the train company to ignite the blaze that turned into a mushroom cloud of toxic phosgene gas, which was a WW1 weapon. A movie with the same plot was released on Netflix in 2022 and the CIA has controlled Hollywood scripts for nearly 100-years. Then, the strong evidence the federal government was in on the crime has been how the Fourth Reich’s Biden admistration has refused to send federal funds or assistant to the town. By not allowing Buttigieg and Biden to even pretend to help, the Fourth Reich is sending a message to the opposition.

Other soft target attacks have been under the guise of “climate crisis” heat in the form of arson fires. The Fourth Reich has seemingly been on a global arson bender. The long-lasting smoke clouds have been designed to be an awakening to the people that the climate crisis is tangible and now.

However, the flaw in this plan has been that the evidence of arson is obvious. In Greece, the fires were started by man. A camera crew filmed a man starting blazes. In Canada, the satellite images show that numerous forest fires that blanketed New York City for weeks were set at the same time, which rules out lightning. Now, a town in Kelowna, BC, Canada was burned to the ground.

When there was no outrage or repercussion from those arson fires, the Fourth Reich went to the next level and used arson as a means to commit small-scale genocide in Maui. Despite the local authorities preventing new crews from entering, the social media accounts and interviews with Hawaii officials make it clear that this was a strategic attack.

Unlike the random fires in Canada and Greece designed to stoke fear and awareness of the “climate crisis”, the WEF elites who live on Maui had a plan to confiscate valuable land, it is becoming abundantly clear. Their plan included mass murder to make sure that the landowners suffering from the arson were dead an unable to fight the state confiscation of their land. Police prevented people from escaping along the only road. The town turned off the water supply so that houses could not be saved. Alarm sirens did not go off. Firefighters never appeared. Then, the Governor of Hawaii, Josh Green, told reports that he already has plans to confiscate the land. Victims are being served eviction notices as the and still shoulders.

What is Next?

All of the above will only escalate soon. The WEF is expediting their “Agenda2030” while they still have Biden and Trudeau in power.

Look for more FBI raids of innocent gun owners in their homes. Look for more gun shop raids and IRS raids. Look for more soft target attacks.

Meanwhile, when the Fourth Reich’s plans to destroy the economy comes to fruition soon, look for the civil unrest to lead to martial law. Brain damaged Biden will give another Angry-Hitler speech denouncing MAGA.

People need to wake up. The time is now. This is no longer “happening soon”.

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