Did Tucker Carlson cause the world to drop the lockdown madness by exposing Tony Fauci?

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May 17, 2021- by Steven E. Greer

It was an amazing and rapid 180° pivot by western nations last week. World leaders went from threatening STRICTER lockdowns and mask mandates to completely capitulating and dropping the mask mandates altogether.

The UK’s Boris Johnson government came under fire for fearmongering, and large anti-lockdown rallies formed. In the U.S., the CDC dropped the requirements for vaccinated people to wear masks. Globalist companies Walmart, Costco, Trader Joe’s, etc., then dropped their own requirements for customers. Democrat states, such as VA and KY (but not NY and CA), dropped their mask mandates too. Finally, seeing the writing on the wall, a major teachers union called for school reopenings.

Who would be powerful enough to turn all of the western countries on a dime like that? It has to be the United States. Those European countries are leaderless satellites of the European Union now.

I see no other leadership in this country than the Obamas. Michelle Obama and her circle of academics must have been watching the TV, just like Trump watches the TV for guidance, and saw Tucker Carlson making a fool of them with their mask requirements for vaccinated people, etc.

I do not think CDC and White House dropped the mask mandates based on pressure from the states. New York Governor Cuomo and California’s Newsom were caught off guard.

However, I could be biased by the “grass is greener on the other side” phenomenon for me to think that Michelle Obama has any more control over her base than the leaderless Republicans do. There is something else going on here.

A friend of mine mentioned what could be the key. Who really runs the world now? It is the tail of the global Deep State that wags the dog.

When Tucker Carlson exposed what I first reported last year in my book, which is that Anthony Fauci created this “COVID-19” virus with his gain-of-function research, and then Senator Rand Paul grilled Fauci before a senate hearing the next day, it put the Deep State on defense. The CDC likely got marching orders from the NIH, military, and spy agencies to stop the insanity of mask mandates because it was drawing too much attention.

The Deep State wants this whole lockdown scamdemic to go away fast so people won’t talk about gain of function research. They committed the largest crime against humanity ever and they know it.

That is my best working hypothesis right now.

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