Diners at Scalini Fedeli covered in smelly slime

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ScaliniJanuary 5, 2014– A Wall Street Journal reporter was eating in Tribeca’s highly acclaimed Italian restaurant, Scalini Fedeli, when some sort of sewage pipe above broke. She tweeted @MerMarr:

  • Got covered in black slime at TriBeCa Italian #ScaliniFedeli this evening
  • We had just ordered dessert when the walls started shuddering and slime poured from the ceiling above our table
  • Packed restaurant of diners ran for the exit as slime turned to waterfall of water that flooded #ScaliniFedeli
  • Despite emerging stinking of slime — hair dripping with it — the meal was delicious!
  • The chin-up part came early on: I initially sat there stoically thinking it was another Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise
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