Do you support Pier 26 concerts or oppose the noise?

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Cher on Pier 26Update, July 6, 2013- Everyone seems to support the summer concerts on Pier 26 (as does this Editor). The curmudgeons lose.

Survey on Pier 26

July 2, 2013- Do you support Pier 26 concerts or oppose the noise? Post your comments please.


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3 Responses to Do you support Pier 26 concerts or oppose the noise?

  1. The deafening NOISE is unacceptable and exceeds the EPS’ s NOISE limit! Moreover, it draws roudy crowds to an otherwise decent neighborhood that eould be banned near Gracie Mansion.

  2. Bridget O'Rash says:

    Although having concerts downtown on Pier 26 is wonderful in theory it’s not fair to call anyone who is opposed to them “curmudgeons”. Having a few shows there is great for everyone who doesn’t live within a couple of blocks of the area. I saw/heard the Pride celebration the other night and enjoyed watching the fireworks from the N. Moore and West Street intersection. Walking over from West Broadway I could hear the bass starting on Hudson Street. The problem is with most live sound systems is that outside the venue the sound morphs into distorted levels so that the only people who really get to enjoy the music are the people inside. The sound vibrates the street and buildings so that you can’t just close your windows and get away from it. The concerts maybe be short but it is really disturbing to have that going on for even a couple of hours. I like the idea of shows on Pier 26, but I think the people directly affected in the neighborhood are
    justified in their complaints.

  3. Tribeca Resident says:

    The people voting yes probably don’t even live here. The noise is at a level that would be unlawful, save for the illegal actions of the trustees and the disgusting behavior of the mayor’s office. _This will not stand_. The trustees will be exposed on the altar of Justice, and they will bemoan their illegal actions as their dying breaths escape from their torture-chapped lips. AND I CAN’T *@*@!ing sleep due to the noise!

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