Early look at new south entrance to Brookfield Place

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Brookfield PLace South Entrance 225 LibertyJanuary 17, 2014- The design of the 225 Liberty Street south entrance to Brookfield Place was revealed in a construction update blast email today. The email stated:

“Construction on the lobby at 225 Liberty St. will begin on Thursday, January 23 and there will be no street-level access to the building via the South End Avenue cul-de-sac. This construction will culminate in a new car-drop and glass entryway for 225 Liberty St. (image below). This work is expected to be completed in late 2014.  Alternative entryways include:

  • Street level from the 225 Liberty St. gatehouse entrance
  • Enter from the Winter Garden and proceed up the south escalator to 225 Liberty St.”
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