PS 276 parents want buses allowed to take kids to school

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November 22, 2013- Kate Godici, A local mother of kids at at PS 276 sent us this video to help promote her cause of allowing buses to send the kids to school.

She wrote, “Hello! I am a mother of two girls at PS276: A first grader and a 2nd grader. I am one of the few families who has children still eligible to ride the school bus, since we have not yet hit 3rd grade…..But…there are many families who are no longer riding the school bus because they have “aged out” according to the OPT distant guidelines.  Also, many families that have one sibling eligible and the other no longer have to walk both children to and from school across the West Side Highways, Brooklyn tunnel, and FDR tunnel traffic.

Out of the 30 children that applied for a Hazard Variance, there are 10 siblings who now are unable to ride the bus. If we can get the word out there, I would so appreciate your help. Thanks so much!!”

Your money: BPCA spends $600,000 on geothermal well experiment, elevators, but still fails to fund traffic lights

CB1′s Anthony Notaro regurgitates BPCA excuses for not funding traffic lights

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2 Responses to PS 276 parents want buses allowed to take kids to school

  1. Editor says:

    Good video. It’s insane to expect kids to walk across the most dangerous streets in Manhattan.

    This ties in with the need for traffic lights on West Thames, South End Ave, and Battery Place. The BPCA can and should pay for those.


  2. Battery Park Dad says:

    This is the height of bureaucratic BS. Busses sit empty and kids are at risk. It would be one thing to request a special bus — I could understand some level of review and consideration. However, it lacks any common sense whatsoever to not fill empty seats on a bus that is ALREADY PAID FOR with siblings of children who are already on the bus — because it was deemed unsafe for them to walk that far!

    The fact that money was actually spent to “assess the hazard” shows that process has trumped sense. Usually the only thing that changes that is embarrassment via mass media exposure.

    I hope BPC can make that happen!

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