Brand new Goldman Sachs MD’s cause SUVs to illegally block North End Ave

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SUVs for Goldman Sachs MDs 1-8-2014January 8, 2014- By Steven E. Greer, MD

The chronic problem of the Conrad Hotel allowing large groups using the hotel to have their transportation illegally park on North End Avenue was in rare form tonight. The entire strip between Murray and Vesey Streets was jammed with gas guzzling SUVs. When the driver of the lead SUV (closest to Murray) got out of his car to walk into the Conrad, BP.TV asked him to move his car. He dismissed the request stating, “So, everyone is parked there.”.

To investigate, BP.TV went to the main floor of the hotel and learned that the event was part of the orientation of the newly promoted managing directors (MD’s) of Goldman Sachs (Goldman recently underwrote the IPO for the Hilton corporation, making $170 Million in the deal).

We asked one of the ladies issuing the ID cards for the newly tapped Goldman MDs to help us locate a supervisor of the event, and have the SUV’s moved. She completely ignored our request. Only after names of senior managers of Goldman were dropped did she change her tune and then promptly walked away, presumably seeking some help.

A front desk hotel employee claiming to be a manager was of no help either. Although he walked to North End with us to see the problem, he merely made some empty promises and walked back inside. No cars were asked to be moved. In fact, the hotel manager either played dumb, or was indeed ignorant, and claimed to not realize that the entire street was “No Standing”.

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2 Responses to Brand new Goldman Sachs MD’s cause SUVs to illegally block North End Ave

  1. Mo says:

    Does reporting via Illegal Parking Complaint have any impact at all?

  2. Editor says:

    To Mo

    Yes! Reporting these problems to 311etc has a big impact.

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