Young Tribecan takes on SeaWorld

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Tribecan girl SeaWorldJanuary 12, 2014- The Post reports, “She’s SeaWorld’s worst nightmare — and she’s only 12. Rose McCoy of Tribeca has stood up for animal rights since the first grade — rescuing chicks from a school study and last year protesting the Ringling Bros. Circus at the Barclays Center. Now she’s on a mission to tank SeaWorld as it battles bad publicity from “Blackfish,” a CNN documentary on the lives of orcas at its theme parks. “SeaWorld is on its last leg and won’t be able to survive much longer,” Rose told The Post. “Beating down on them now won’t give them time to recover.” The seventh-grade honors student was arrested at the Rose Parade in Pasadena, Calif., on Jan. 1 after darting in front of a SeaWorld float with her mom and 17 other protesters.”

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2 Responses to Young Tribecan takes on SeaWorld

  1. residentBPC says:

    GREAT work Rose!!

  2. BPCResident says:

    I love how the Post story refers to the mom, Emily McCoy, as merely a “vegan activist”. What a crock. The mom is a long time PETA radical who was arrested in 2010 for assaulting the Canadian Minister of Fisheries and Oceans. It’s a shame that she uses her child like this.

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