Ermenegildo Zegna opens in Brookfield Place

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Zegna outsideUpdate December 21, 2015- I was looking for some leather gloves and stopped into the Zegna store. I was shocked to learn that they are trying to sell regular looking gloves for $500.  Also, scarves are hundreds of dollars, and their ties are $300.

Worse yet is their staff who are so unaccustomed to having shoppers in their empty store that they stalk you all over the store. I walked in and knew the gloves were in the far back. A staffer trailed me the whole way. It was very creepy.

What Zegna is trying to accomplish by insulting the intelligence of shoppers is unknown. Some luxury items are worth the high prices if they are flashy or make the wearer look good. However, gloves are gloves.

No intelligent person would waste $500 on gloves. Even the Eurotrash, Persiantrash, and Russiantrash classes who come to the U.S. to flaunt their 0il money won’t buy this crap now because the price of oil is $20 a barrel and the dollar is too strong.

The Christmas shopping season has been a major IV infusion of cash to the once-empty Brookfield Place shops, with the exception of Zegna. I have been there about fives times and have never seen a single person on the store. Zegna is a brand inferior to Armani but trying to sell their crap at Hermés prices. Their CEO has misjudged the market, just like Michael Kors and Tory Burch.

December 7, 2015- Zegna offers men’s suits and casual clothing that are suitable for the real workplace, if you are a CEO. It is all made in Italy or Switzerland and is high quality. Suits range from $3,000 to $7000. Men’s ties are $200.

Zegna inside 1 Zegna inside 2Zegna ties

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