Periscope: A phenomenon that just exploded

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Update December 21, 2015- It’s already happening. The Post reports on how a disgraced DJ was arrested after his girlfriend posted a video on Periscope of them fighting.

Soon, we will see a new common practice of restaurants, clubs, gyms, and even people in their offices and homes, asking guests to place their smartphones into a black box at the door.

Also, the laws will be adapting soon, I predict, to address this unwanted violation of privacy. When someone goes to a restaurant, etc., they have a reasonable expectation to not be broadcast on live video.

December 19, 2015- by Steven E. Greer

Holy cow. This is the next phenomenon and it could save Twitter. Apple named “Periscope” the app of the year and Twitter has already acquired them.

It easily allows one to broadcast live video while Twitter accounts provide feedback.

  • This will make still photos and Facebook’s Instagram seem crude.
  • This will make the bad attempts at “TV” on YouTube seem archaic.
  • This will make “Reality TV” on old television seem even dumber than it does already.
  • This is the bad cops’ worst nightmare.
  • This will make Arab Spring seem tame.
  • This will make copyrighted live sports casting obsolete unless they ban phones from stadiums.
  • This will ruin live concerts
  • This will be used by the sex industry, of course.
  • This will be the worst invasion of privacy imaginable.
  • This will make Google Glasses look like a good idea.
  • This will generate new privacy laws to catch up to technology.

Stephen Colbert featured the Periscope founder tonight. I downloaded it and made a short broadcast from my window. Within minutes of the Colbert show, hundreds of dots appeared on my iPhone screen map, meaning that there were new accounts all over Downtown trying it out too.

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