Exclusive: BPCA’s Phyllis Taylor leaving next month

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November 21, 2013- By Steven E. Greer

A source wrote to us today, “You missed or were not told that Phyllis Taylor (VP Executive Vice President, general Counsel) has been asked to retire and will leave on December 31st. Details are sketchy at this time.

The legal department has hired two new lawyers, not three, plus a paralegal. The information about the raises for Singh and Serpico in your previous story seems accurate.

Anne Fenton and Phyllis Taylor came in with Gayle Horowitz. The three of them were highly involved with Bill Thompson’s 2009 Mayoral Campaign. Anne Fenton is one of the most unqualified, classless, mean and divisive people you will ever meet. Universally despised by the staff both at the Authority and at Parks.

If you knew Allyson Ford you would know that she and Fenton despise each other. You would never see them work on a project together.

As reprehensible as Fenton is, Allyson Ford is as nice a person as you will ever meet. She was removed as the EEO Officer because I believe she was too sympathetic to the rank and file workers. She was in charge of taking complaints and reporting them to her superior (Taylor) but it is HIGHLY unlikely that she would turn them into lies.

Tessa Huxley’s staff are among the most underpaid in the agency. Good for her if she’s managed to secure raises for some of them.

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  1. Winnie says:

    Phyllis Taylor should have gone long time ago. How come an incompetent GC gets a salary of 200k plus. This is ridiculous. The VP HR (Sponge Bob Square Pants) who is in cahoot with her needs to go as well with her baggage (3 personnel) she brought from her old place. This place needs real cleaning.

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