Exclusive: Fernando Mateo resigns from BPCA board

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July 2, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

The BPCA has confirmed that Fernando Mateo resigned from the BPCA board “effective May, 2014”. There was no explanation given.

BatteryPark.TV is aware that Mr. Mateo is the target of investigations related to financial matters stemming from his businesses and non-profits.

Why the BPCA failed to issue a press release or discuss the resignation of Mateo during public session over the last two or three months is unknown. The BPCA would not have confirmed his departure at all had it not been for BP.TV pressuring key staff for an answer today.

Dennis Mehiel, the Chairman of the BPCA, continues to show little regard for various state laws that regulate an agency like the BPCA. The handling in secret of the Mateo resignation, the 2014 budget, and other key contracts, seem to have been egregious violations of the New York Open meeting law.

Mr. Mehiel’s hiring practices seem to disregard the proper steps required by state law, such as public announcement of job openings, or requiring the appropriate job skills for the job offered. The salaries awarded are also far higher than other state level jobs.

The lucrative contracts awarded for construction and other matters are also allegedly violating state law that require RFP’s and other steps. The man who oversaw contracts at the BPCA, Kirk Swanson, was recently fired for objection to the handling of certain contracts. He turned whistleblower and foiled complaints with the State of New York.

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