Shelly Silver to get 14-years in prison, say prosecutors

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Silver Chin SquadronApril 20, 2016- The NYT reports, “Federal prosecutors in Manhattan asked a judge on Wednesday to sentence Sheldon Silver, the former New York Assembly speaker, to more than 14 years in prison for his conviction on corruption charges.

The government did not propose a specific sentence, but it asked for a prison term “substantially in excess” of the 10 years that the court’s probation department had recommended. The government said that Mr. Silver’s sentence should be “greater than any sentence imposed on other New York State legislators convicted of public corruption offenses.””

Sheldon Silver’s hand-picked successor wins assembly seat

Assembly person Deborah Glick claims she had no idea Sheldon Silver was corrupt

Deborah Glick assembles team of former Sheldon Silver staffers to fill power vacuum

Glenn Plaskin praises Sheldon Silver even after the conviction

State Senator Dan Squadron praises Sheldon Silver at Gateway Plaza meeting

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