Exclusive (good) photos of the new Downtown Eataly

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i-9tDBrWD-X3August 2, 2016- Le District is in for some trouble. The new Eataly has opened in WFC Tower 4.  i-4BHMwxL-X3 i-7tMHmCX-X3i-BQQH2h8-X3 i-BxqgNtq-X3 i-CXmsQRM-X3 i-FpShBFF-X3 i-G7v77cT-X3 i-H7rfmTm-X3i-MZH4DLC-X3 i-nDkN8Mh-X3 i-nGFWBGB-X3 i-PTF7nD9-X3 i-QGCvfSb-X3 i-r3Xp4JT-X3 i-R6LgcNm-X3 i-Rj4Jw24-X3 i-s2QrrsM-X3 i-TPSMwTD-X3 i-VGTcN7v-X3

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