Exclusive: Milstein and BPCA resolve Asphalt Green insurance dispute

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December 20, 2012 By Steven E. Greer

We have learned that Milstein management met with the BPCA yesterday, and that Hurricane Sandy flood damage insurance dispute was resolved. We do not yet know whether the BPCA will be the one to pay for the repairs, but certain indicators lead us to believe that that is the case.

As previously reported, the reason that the Asphalt Green community center has not been repaired after Hurricane Sandy is because the BPCA was claiming that they had not officially taken control from Milstein properties. Therefore, it should be Milstein’s insurance to pay.

Regardless of the organization to pay for repairs of Asphalt Green, they should begin soon. If the similar Manhattan Youth facility, also damaged by the flood, is any indication, the damage to Asphalt Green can be fixed within a few months, long before summer.

Regarding that damage, we learned that the floors below the pool and basketball courts at Asphalt Green, which house the boiler, heat, elevator electronics, etc, were destroyed. Similar equipment was also below ground at Manhattan Youth.

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