Exclusive photo of Trump’s first State of the Union address

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Trump state of the unionMay 6, 2016- I predict he chooses Ohio’s Boehner because he has experience “governing”, is no threat to become POTUS, and can help Trump carry Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Florida.

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2 Responses to Exclusive photo of Trump’s first State of the Union address

  1. Carl Campanile says:

    That’s funny.

  2. chessie says:

    Trump has spoken to those whose jobs have been outsourced by NAFTA, including the white collar engineers at Disney who were forced to train their foreign workers replacements and testified to congress but were ignored, to the blue collar coal miners (whose jobs Hillary gleefully lauded she will destroy) and everyone in between whose jobs have been outsourced, whose 401Ks have been plundered, to the families who lost loved ones in Iraq etc

    to see it turned into a ISIS stronghold,

    who see the cost of living rise and their salaries remain stagnant for 20 years …

    the Clinton’s who rammed NAFTA down our throats do not care about the middle class

    I am a democrat and I will vote Trump 2016!

    and I am proud to do so

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