Exclusive: Why the COVID “mRNA” vaccines are actually DNA gene therapies that must be removed from the market

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May 19, 2023- by Steven E. Greer, MD

Robert Kennedy, Jr. Recently explained how the Trump administration’s Warp Speed COVID vaccine program was an NSA program run by the military. The HHS’ CDC, NIH, or FDA were not the lead bureaucracies. He also explained how the vaccine technology was developed by military labs, not by a pharmaceutical company. Moreover, the actual vaccines administered to billions of people are manufactured by military labs.

All of that gives one ample reason to be skeptical of any claim made by the government, Pfizer, or Moderna about the vaccines. Do we even know what is in the vaccines? The drug companies have fought in court to prevent documents from being made public.

Recently, The Children’s Health Defense organization intervened Sucharit Bhakdi, MD. He claimed that the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines had DNA material in them and were not just short-acting mRNA drugs. His comments were based on an analysis of vaccine samples conducted by a molecular biologist named Kevin McKernan.

If Dr. Bhakdi’s comments are correct, then the government and drug companies have misled the world to a far greater extent than previously known. It would mean that the so-called “vaccines” are actually altering the human genome and causing permanent production of the deadly spike protein. Having a foreign protein, such as the spike protein, on the surface of a human cell would trigger the immune system to attack its own cells.

Clinical evidence is amassing to support the theory that the vaccines last far longer than we were told and are causing deadly adverse events. This is why all nations, even the United States, have either banned the vaccines or have reduced the recommended dosages.

However, because we live in a world of unreliable information, the credibility of Dr. Bhakdi and Mr. McKernan are unknown to most people. The Healthcare Channel interviewed both of them to learn more.

Mr. McKernan worked as a lead researcher for the MIT Human Genome project. Dr. Bhakdi discovered key components of the human immune system 40-years ago before retiring. Both men have impeccable credentials. Both men lack conflicts of interest. Dr. Bhakdi has been punished rather than rewarded for his comments. The German government is prosecuting him.

During interview, the two men explain how the DNA materiel found within the commercial vaccines is dangerous and leads to genetic modification of the human genome. Dr. Bhakdi explains how the immune system is then turned against the host as the spike protein is produced.

When asked whether or not the vaccines should be removed from the market, both men emphatically said they the gene therapies are unsafe and must me removed. They also explained how Moderna and Pfizer are incorporating the same unsafe “mRNA” technology into influenza and RSV shots.

Update May 31, 2023

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Update May 23, 2023-

  • Dr. Bhakdi was on trial in Germany today for comparing the fascism of the pandemic era to that of Nazi Germany. He was found not guilty.

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