Fire Tony Fauci (his vaccine is an epic failure against the virus he created)

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December 8, 2021- by Steven E. Greer, MD

To review recent events, over the Thanksgiving slow news holiday break, the Tony Fauci crew realize they had a big problem on their hands. They knew that the vaccines were no longer working and that the fully vaccinated were becoming ill from the new variants of the virus at high rates. So, they frantically rolled out the propaganda narrative that the new omicron variant was super scary and that was the reason for increases in cases as opposed to blaming vaccines that no longer worked.

Well, their fears are becoming confirmed. This charade is blowing up on them like all elaborate lies do. The duct tape they have applied for two-years is unraveling.

Both of my parents are in the hospital with breakthrough infections. Their hospital is at capacity and at least 50 people are waiting for beds. If it were not for me being their medical advocate, my parents would never have been able to be treated with monoclonal antibodies. They would be sitting at home dying right now.

Yesterday, researchers showed that the vaccines have a 40-fold reduced ability to neutralize the omicron virus in lab tests (i.e., not clinical data yet). In today’s news, Pfizer admits that the vaccines no longer work and that boosters are needed because they might work ((again based on lab tests)(but fail to explain how out-date-vaccines made against a virus no longer circulating will work by giving more doses of that vaccine)). The propaganda media will spin this as good news for vaccines, but the vaccine-makers know they are in trouble and are preparing brand new vaccines, which that will take 100 days. In the meantime, they are going to pull the wool over our eyes.

Of course, the real solution to this never-ending scamdemic should have been, and should be now, an emphasis on oral antiviral therapies, including cheap generic drugs. The only reason we went down this vaccine approach was because Anthony Fauci created the vaccines in his lab and it was his simplistic solution to the problem. The man just simply does not understand biology. He is a paper-pusher. He screwed up HIV in the 80s and has screwed up this viral outbreak.

In review, the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) virus, or weapon of mass destruction, was created by Anthony Fauci and Francis Collins research efforts. It escaped from a lab in China that they were using to skirt the regulatory agencies of the United States. Then, after the pandemic began, Fauci was wrong about everything and turned into a political hack spewing contradictory propaganda. Then, the vaccines created from NIH research that used the wrong methods and technology, made the pandemic worse. In addition, the vaccines themselves are deadly. Despite all of that, Fauci remains employed as the highest-paid government official.

It is time to fire Tony Virus and send a signal that the page must be turned. This insanity and Dark Ages of science must stop.

Update February 15, 2024-

FDA Director Dr. Peter Marks Says They Received an ‘Avalanche’ of Adverse Event Reports After the COVID-19 Vaccines Were Released “We tried to be prepared for that but the avalanche of reports was tremendous.”

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